Download Movies for free without torrent or installing any software

Previously, “torrent” was a good source for downloading movies for all of us. But, unfortunately it is banned in India now. And if anyone found / tracked using it , there is huge penalty for same.

There are other sites as well from where you can download movies.  But no one can assure can adversely affect your system and open gateway for virus and malware.

Today I am going to you an easy way to download bollywood, hollywood or tollywood movies. We do not need any sign up or any specific tool to downloaded to use this mechanic . All you need to follow is steps mentioned below –

Steps to be followed

  • open google chrome or any other browser
  • type
  • In google search box, you need to type ?intitle:index.of? followed by video format and movie name.
  • Say, I wanted to watch dabang and I want it in mp4 format. So, I will type
  • ?intitle:index.of?mp4 dabang
  • index listing for movies



  • You can follow link and download movie.


  • You have to “Right Click” on movie name  and “Save link as” to download movie. That’s it .


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