Making Money Online – Legitimate and Ethical ways of making Money Online

Many a times we get an email saying “Congratulations, You have won $100000000” . Here, I am not at all talking about all those spam mail. 🙂

 I will be discussing my top legitimate and ethical ways by which you can make money online. Remember, there is no shortcut and you have to put effort. You may have a well paying job but it will certainly not hurt you if you can earn some extra bucks by applying the same skill and knowledge that you have by following a  systematic approach. 

Common Myths about making money online

We need to have technical knowledge to make money online. No it’s not like that. We are there to help and guide you . Don’t worry , you don’t have to pay anything for guidance .:)

But you have to (desired from you 🙂 )-

Put Regular Effort
Keep Patience
Passionate about learning new things   

Before diving into the details, let me give you an idea how much a blogger can earn from blogging- 

1) Amit Agrawal

Blog Name –
Alexa Rank :- 2000
Ad Sense Revenue Per Month – $36,000/Month (approx) 

2) Harsh Agrawal 


Blog Name –
Alexa Rank :- 3900
Ad Sense Revenue Per Month – $8,000/Month (approx) 

3) Amit Bhavnai 

Blog Name –
Alexa Rank :-4500
Ad Sense Revenue Per Month – $15,000/Month (approx) 

4) Srinivas Tamada 

Blog Name –
Alexa Rank :-8000
Ad Sense Revenue Per Month – $6,500/Month (approx) 

5) Jaspal Singh

Blog Name –
Alexa Rank :-10,000
Ad Sense Revenue Per Month – $4,500/Month (approx)

….And so on . It’s a very long list.

So, you all must be thinking now how they can make such a huge sum working online .

I am putting down my top legitimate ways by which you can make money online

With the tremendous increase in the number of internet users, now a days internet is littered with 1000s  of opportunities to make fast cash. But I would again mention here thatyour total earning is directly proportional to the total effort and approach you put “. 
 1)  You can start Website or Blog and can start earning from the advertising networks like google AdSense, BullSellAds or ShareASale. Here, you can even take help of Affiliate Marketing or can sell your own ads directly to the Google DFP.

Google’s Blogspot and WordPress provide free blogging platform which you can use for creating Blogs. 
For Website, you may visit goDaddy which provides you doamin name +  WebHosting . If you are new to the website design you can use the templates provided by these vendors. 
2) You can create your own Youtube channel and can become a youtube partner and publish your own videos and can make money. 

3) There are huge demand of tutor these day . If you like others learn , you can start e-tuition which can be a good option for you. All you need to have is expertise in your subject / technology and have to devote couple of hours per week (say 3-4 hours). TutorVista, e-tutor, SmartThinking and are some of the sites you can enroll with.
4) Make something creative like handbags, jewellery, Hand loom items and sell it on Etsy, ArtFire or eBay.
5) Start your own Online Store using SquareSpace or Shopify.
They will help you with variety of  professional templates.  
6) Buying and selling domain is the other way making money online with a little investment and time. You can buy domain at registration cost or even cheaper and can sell them at profitable price. eg goDaddy, Flipa etc.

7) Freelancing is a great option for professionals who are experts in their respective trades and know how to ensure customer satisfaction. There are various sites like topcoder, freelancer, Guru where you can register and bid for an opportunity and can make money.
8) Sell your stuffs that you no longer need on olx and quickr .
9) Become an affiliate for Amazon, FlipKart and other online store and you can earn commission on the product recommended by you . 
10) Are you a photographer ? If yes, sell your photograph at CreativeMarket and get handsome return. 
11) If you are good at Web designing, you can go for designing themes for Websites, WordPress and Blogger. There have a great demand now a days and believe me , it will keep increasing. 
12) Inbound call center can be another good option. Many companies(especially in Metro) do have space constraints and they prefer to hire skill person outside their office. Inbound call center can be a good option if you have space and do some investment for the initial setup.
13) If you have knowledge of android/IOS development. There is a very good scope  for you. Start building IOS/Android application and sell it on Google Playstore or Apple Appstore.  
14) Apply to become a website tester at UserTesting and get paid to review and test websites from the usability perspective.     


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